Russie Autrement

Un site  bien ficelé d’une agence de voyage qui répond à toutes vos questions avant de partir en Russie:

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vernacular Ghana

Only two weeks to discover a bit of Ghana : west Africa, on the Gold Coast.

Not a lot of architecture, but a lot of vernacular : “do it yourself” is their moto.

With few, they still manage to build, to work, to live.

Sleeping in houses which we would call “vernacular”,

Fishing on boats which are sculpted in one tree,

Baking hand-made bread in a clay oven,

and try to preserve old monuments.

Not really interested, the Ghanaian people we met didn’t really show the need to innovate or develop : they always find a way to make it, so why should they innovate ?!

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Joyeuses Pâques !

Even adults want sometime to go back to the roots…and create their own little figurines.

Here we go, let’s celebrate Easter !

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Austra – lopithing

The canadian beat is pretty awesome, the pulse a tiny level down.

Katie Stelmanis definitely has the imposing presence on stage you need when you decide to make sharp livemusic your career. She perfectly succeed in conveying her spirit through the massive public.

Each song sounds like the pictures and motions the band usually makes. Each note comes from very far away, some notes are dissonances.

But the ceaseless gyration of the twin backing singers (included in the last touring lineup) do totally inaccurate. Their long dislocated arms are going up and down on the same way during the whole show. Does it help to extract properly a voice or does it go like a silly game on stage ?

How painful is the routine of  someone giving the pulse a bit more than gently.

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possum world


At the beginning it is just a regular local shop in sunny Napier, New Zealand, which sells possum clothing. Actually nice stuff, probably as warm as merinos. 

These animals are quite famous in the country but for a shaming reason: they are considered as evils. There are too many, that’s why people barely kill them.

Well, the shop. The owners made a museum, not a proper museum, but more of a kind of possums’ life backyard. You feel in between a scary journey in the abyssal wildlife and a hint of an unmissing educative place. Possums (dead, of course) look at you with all the imaginable mean eyes behind a glass window. It’s quite dark behind there. Further down there are 30 different kinds of traps (and a few trapped possums, of course), and the cherry on top: a dead possum under the wheel of a car.

NO it’s not awful at all. The possum world is amazing.

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man vs wild

man vs wild: the making-up

Are they serious? Sharing a beach with heaps of animals? Of course. Everybody knows that dolphins come on the sand and you can stroke them. Same for the million of kiwi birds. Hang on. Even the Albatros, and that is an extraordinary experience. They let you take a picture of them standing with their family.

Then they make a sight, a real sight much better than Lord of the Dance. It means: they juggle with balls, with fire torch sometimes. One seal makes jokes and they all laugh louder than the biggest wave on the coast. Another penguin is a magician: it can make a whale disappear and reappear it in a shell… God knows how.

You may be lucky, they may talk to you, they may whisper any underwater secret. Be aware. You are thinking you should have learnt the IBL (International Beast Language) before travelling? YES you should. Absolutely more useful than learning netball rules.

Strange wildlife, isn’t it? The edge of the world is beautiful enough, no use to hope the impossible antinature phenomenon. Luckily the Lonely Planet exists to make us dream idiotically, thanks.

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black] out [back

Stuart Highway.

stars, trees, clouds, sky, milkyway, 44′ C degrees, cassowaries, mosquitos, blue, rocks, earth, orange, ants, water tank, moving stars, sun, yellow line, bushes, roadtrains, snakes, dead animals, grass, asphalt road, mirage, organic food, motor noise, green, tropic of Capricorn, sunrise, flowers, sand, stones, dingos, dark night, flat area, iced coffee, flies, time, immensity, shrubs, moon, desert, horizon line, sunrise, flat tyre, redbacks, sunset.

no water, no electricity, no human life, no streets, no metro, no building, no watch, no consumption, no rush, no noise, no plane, no pollution, no radio, no city, no prices, no economy, no TV, no shop, no advertising, no home, no worries, no traffic jam, no toilets, no shower, no civilization, nobody.

Hostile but addictive.

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Magic prince !

Which girl has never dreamed to meet the prince, the real prince ?

I meet him for my 26th birthday !

This prince is magic…

And it took me only 72 hours to know him, and the fusion is complete !

I let you check this out,

and if you want the same at home, click here !

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? dream ?

photography julie fuchsI have built my house ! And I’m leaving there already…

The place is amazing : on one of the recent polder created in the Netherlands, in a new city – Almere- closed by Amsterdam, I live there with my wife and my 2 children.

It take me 1 hour to go to my job everyday, even if it’s only 24 km away. But I like to sit in my car, listening to the radio and watching the other lonely drivers. While my wife is busy with children and cleaning the house, I’m here, in my still and warm Opel.

The best in our new city is that my children can play outside, around the house without any risk. Everything is safe :
No neighbours, no problems.
No tree from where my children could fall.

But no neighbours, no friends for my children.
And no tree, no playground.

I hope our house won’t stay alone for a long time.
I hope builders will come, and glue houses to mine.
I hope one day we can get a proper street.
I hope all of this before my children get old

I build my dream, but still, I hope…
And for how long ?

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7246. This is the number of mangoes that 1 worker can pack in 1 day, a normal working day of 8 hours.

But how to pack mangoes? You have to do it in a way because of their work-oholic mangoes passion.

At first this is the stalk’s shame at the farm. You have to hide it. And the most important point is putting mangoes in the right direction. This is a standard. Apparently. But who care’s? Who would check it at the supermarket? You?

Actually mangoes, bigger and bigger than each other, will find space in a box. Nevertheless boxes have an initial size and you have to push mangoes inside. At this time you get in a strength relation with mangoes! It’s a real braineffort to find in 3.7s where each mangoe can go. Each box can explode at anytime. It’s so crowded inside that any mangoe can jump each second.

Finally mangoes are treated in the same way but they are all different, how could they not yell inside? It’s a risky job.

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