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taga[datier] l Morgins l Switzerland

a pinetree with strange fruits

type : experimentation
location : Morgins l Switzerland
year : 2010

People are they curious ?
How do we react when we see something unusual ?

That's our first experimentation in a public space !

The ''tagadatier'' is a particular tree, which can offer some lovely fruits, especially in the winter time, when people are looking for energy and sugar !
We found a nice tree, well located on the top of slopes in the french Alps... Let's go !

Skiers and snowboarders are looking at us...

'"Is it really candies ?"

"Mum, look, can I take some ?"

We were then a bit disappointed to realize that people are curious, oh yes, but they are so mistrustful ! The sanitary rules have a significant impact on our vision to the world !
We managed anyway to convince some people, that "tagada candy is so good, you have to test them !"

So if you see one of these trees, we may be not to far !

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