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Love Your Pet l Nuits Sonores 2010

type : urban furnishing
material : wood thermo-oiled
location : Place Sathonay l Lyon l France
year : 2010

Why should your pet wait for you outside, alone in the street, when you go shopping ?
Let's imagine a urban object, which can take place everywhere, in places, in streets, where you can let your pet ! The k-niche becomes as well an interaction spot between children and animals.

This is the k-niche ! Reused wood palettes, wood panels and that's it ! The module can be repeted for a bigger k-niche, usefull during festivals, or bigger events where you can not bring your pet...

This project was developed during the Nuits Sonores festival 2010, in association with LoveYourPet!, and took place in Place Sathonay in Lyon. The goal is to make people sensitive about their behaviour with animals in a urban environment.

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