backlit table
LYP l k-niche
LYP l boom
just cook now

yes disco pet, you can boogie !

Love Your Pet ! l Nuits Sonores 2010

type : stage design
location : Place Sathonay l Lyon l France
year : 2010

Do you like party? Do you like pet? Don't hide anymore! Come and show your love for our four legs animals, for party, for music, for happiness, and for life, so it is!
A musical universe full of dance, electro, disco tracks just mixed up for the event.

Love your Fashion Pet: dog high-sewing parades, the nicest pet competition, pictures stage.

Love your Hot-Dog: Under the sun or in the shade of trees, enjoy your glass of beer, your food-bowl full of kibbles. Get ready for a proper hunter banquet !

Program: Dj Cleis, Moloko, Le ChienPoney, Chanteperdrix

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