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just cook now

just cook now l kitchen

open kitchen as laboratory

type : design and production
location : Amsterdam l Netherlands
year : 2014
materials : oak, waxed concrete

In a small house in Amsterdam came an exciting question:
How to realize a compact kitchen for not so tall people ?

Instead of thinking the kitchen as a perfect glossy closed arrangement, and according to the wishes of the users, it was chosen for an open laboratory : we don't try to store big pots in a drawer, we don't hide the daily used accessories, spices are ready to be used next to the cooker !

Everything is thought to be reached fast : the dishwasher closed to the dinner table, one unique drawer for the tableware and small instruments. There are no closets above the 1,80m, only one oak shelf to store all the cereals. It's also easier to see what you have !

With the expertise of Peer de Laat (furniture maker) and the generous assistance of Ton van der Velden, the kitchen got some technical improvements : the materials were chosen for their behavior during the fabrication process and their long-life resistance, drawers and doors got smart opening systems and the baseboard became also storage. The combination of oak wood and waxed concrete gives the robustness to the ensemble.

The working platform is deeper than usual with its 75cm : more space for spices, oil, coffee machine, fruits, veggies and even more ! There is still plenty of space to...just cook now !

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