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Place(s) au grand paysage l Rothau l France

After the end of the textile industry...

type : urbanplan l housing research
location : Rothau l France
site type : industrial area
program: mixed-use
area : 3 hectares

East of France, nearby Strasbourg, in one of the Vosges valleys, flows La Bruche. This river allowed the development of the textile industry in the past century. The last textile mill closed its doors in 2005, in Rothau. Like many villages in this valley, inhabitants become workless, and politics want to regenere the industrial site.
This site, along the river, is 3 hectares of buildings which can not be conserved, except for two of them, the oldest with a great historical value. The rest of the ground becomes free : Rothau village looks towards the river, but also towards the large landscape, important value in the territory’s development.
My diploma project takes part in the environmental and urban development of the valley : Rothau is strategically situated at the hearth of this touristic valley, and the promotion of natural and historical values are attractive. Without any services and real public spaces, there are nevertheless associations.
Two wishes create the project : give to Rothau an influential place in the valley, and allow inhabitants to discover their industrial site under an other perspective, with urban comfort.
On two scales, this project installs a mixed-use program : housing, associations, museum and public spaces…At the turn of its story, the village gets a new face, conceived according to particular area characteristics, and to landscapes…

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