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l pdf silo[darity] project l

silo[darity] l Augustenborg l Denmark

openings towards experimentations and exchanges

type : urbanplan l landscape study
location : Augustenborg l Denmark
client : Sonderborg municipalityl Denmark
building status : concept proposal for E10 competition l 2009

Solidarity// we believe that architecture and urban planning must be designed for people. Well-being, access to culture, relationship between human and his environment are some of the characteristics which constitute essential sustainability.

The Silodarity Project is conceived on two different scales : on the local one, it comes up to inhabitants’ needs by providing real public spaces, a meeting room, services and access to the water. Thanks to Augustenborg’s geographical position and its reputation, we organize spaces according to the seasonal touristic rythm; spaces which extend over the regional or national scale.

The Silodarity Project also carries a strong attitude towards the context : without denying the historical heritage and the baroque architecture, the typology underlines the city. The harbour’s identity is preserved : the silo keeps its lines, but we open its plinth to create the “ribbon”, main pedestrian link between the shores. The marina takes place on the large embankment, to favour landscape and waterscape : the natural and cultivated south shore vibrates with seasons, while the end of the fjord becomes the entrance of the town.

Augustenborg get a new relation with its environment, and has a new urban façade on the fjord. Both inhabitants and tourists can now experiment a complete area turned towards the fjord.

Life and exchanges: yes we can !

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