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Urban Development l Strasbourg l France

Dynamics E (xchanges)

type : urbanplan for a multifunctional platform
location : Strasbourg l France
client : Strasbourg l France
building status : concept proposal for CUS competition l 2006
partners : Ania Klukowski

"La Rotonde" in Strasbourg is situated just behind the central station. Nowadays, it’s an exchanged platform between trams and cars. With the increase of the car’s use, the Parking+Relais system finds here a perfect place.

Our strong proposal for this competition develops a mixed-uses program : instead of building a lonely air carpark, as asked by the city, we design a complete urban block, linked with an underground carpark.

The result is a urban insertion of the carpark, with a real attention to the landscape, scale, and functions. We conceive a high-dense plot based on a pedestrian “tray”, free of car, with public spaces and a particular typology. Under the "tray" takes place the carpark. To get light and comfortable area, we decide to make physical and visual connections between under and above the "tray" : therefore we introduce a typologycal concept based on a frame in strips, which are dancing between underground and sky. Large patios bring daylight inside, and create defined vertical connections.

With a methodic play, we determine the position of each strip, in order to make clear public and private spaces. Each strip gets a material : the "high environmental quality" project is designed by wood, photovoltaic pannels, grass roofs…

An air carpark ? Sure not ! We need here a real urban proposition with a mixed-use platform, for everyone !

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