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Urban Development l Fegersheim l France

Biodiversity in an intermediate city : the “green skeleton”

type : masterplan
location : Fegersheim l France
client : Strasbourg l France
building status : concept proposal for CUS competition l 2005
partners : Ania Klukowski

Fegersheim is situated in the southern surburb of Strasbourg. It is a small town nowadays constrained between railways, an industrial and commercial area, and the national road, which allowed 40 000 cars to enter in Strasbourg every day. Well connected with the center of Strasbourg, this small town attracts people.
How imagine this city’s development in the urban frame of Strasbourg city, and how integrate and take advantage of the existing elements ?

Our first approach is to maintain a level of biodiversity in Fegersheim, this intermediate city between Strasbourg’s center and countryside. The project propose a development based on a big green strip, the “green skeleton” : a layer between residential and industrial areas, we imagine this huge park as a leisure and sport activities, a social connection from landscape to urbanity, which grows with the city. Only for bikes and pedestrians there…

A particular attention is given to the national road. It has to get a human scale, and become a urban boulevard, entrance of Strasbourg. Several sequences host a serie of different functions, special qualities, and diversity of scale : the southern part is the first extension of Fegersheim, with collective housing, high density, and public facilities.

Let’s walk, let’s bike, let’s live in a healthy city !

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