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l down deep to the sky l

down deep to the sky l Montemor-O-Novo l Portugal

site museum

type : architecture
location : Montemor-O-Novo l Portugal
client : Arkxsite l Portugal
building status : concept proposal for competition l 2015

I wander through the castle ruins.
After passing the historical clock tower, I can see these light balloons, waving and dancing in the blue sky of Montemor-O-Novo. What is it?
The air is hot and dry. Slow breathing.
The path goes to the South Gate. I reach the top of hill, from where I get the thrill of the panorama. Lisbonne away.
Three white and pure cupolas stand below on the greenfield. Minimal sculptures.
I walk along the path and approach.
The balloons are still there, floating over the ramparts now invisibles, missing.
I see a crack on the ground, an entrance. I dread the lowering. I go along the cupolas on a concrete slope and gently sink into the ground.
An other mild and pleasant environment opens to me below, arousing curiosity. I continue my way slowly. The wind doesn’t blow anymore, the air is fresh.
The sun inundates this generous volume. I turn around the light. The spiral emphasis the sensation to accomplish a journey to the depths of the Earth. Dark rooms are digged in the natural rock.
I discover archeological pieces, and understand gradually the site history and its identity.
I hit bottom. I am little. I am only passing on this Earth.
Attracted by the light, I look up. The void in the white concrete cupola shapes precisely the sky and offers me a pure landscape.
Blue. Will I ever want to go back or wait here for the stars?

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