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'Pointe de la Jonction' l Geneva l Switzerland

Live in the confluence of two rivers

type : urbanplan l landscape study
location : Geneva l Switzerland
site type : new housing area
program: mixed-uses
density : 180 inh./ha l 64 h./ha

Geneva. High density.
The site Pointe de la Jonction is an emblematic place in the city center of Geneva.
The project attempts to develop a urban strategy introducing a housing area in relation with the main site's characteristics, but but also a coherence on the larger city's scale.
The reflexion process is inspired by a sunstainable logic : a mixed-uses program tends to promote sustainable mobility while protecting the existing heritage and enhancing landscape views.
The project is built up through differents scales : from a urban masterplan to a housing-blocks proposal, the project lays down the question of typology, based on a rated density, and a balance between housing, services and public spaces.

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